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Ya Ya Bean’s – Coming to America

Hello America! We came home about a week ago to start up ...

Ya Ya Bean’s La Boca Roja – BA Underground Market

A slideshow of our customers at the BA Underground Market. The background ...
Vir Tried Some Hot Sauce

Vir Tried Some Hot Sauce

  A song about a girl who doesn’t like our hot sauce!

Ya Ya Africa – A Farewell Friday to The Office Baires

Ya Ya Bean’s Farewell Friday Hola! Hola!   Join us this Friday ...

What Folk's Are Sayin About Ya Ya Bean's!

I used to put La Boca Roja hot sauce on my Air Jordans before slam dunkin’!!

– Michael Jordan

Simply put they are the best hot sauce-selling, YouTube video-making acoustic duo to come out of Buenos Aires in a very long time.

– John Lennon

Ya Ya Bean’s La Boca Roja is by far the most impressive hot sauce I’ve ever tasted. And I’ve tasted a lot of hot sauces.

– Thomas Jefferson